Public Recreation + Workout Daily

Project Overview
Public Recreation started as a project to make cities healthier by creating more opportunities to move in your environment. Jenn Pattee and I founded the company in 2017, and were accepted by Y Combinator in 2018.

The company went through many iterations, starting as a new type of urban, fitness furniture, eventually evolving into a new type of gym that offered fitness classes (like, boxing or yoga) in public spaces. Most recently, we switch the company to focus on fast, at-home workouts, texted to you daily.
My Contributions
As co-founder and COO, I was responsible for just about everything. Sales, HR, marketing, fundraising, business development, all the way to even running some of the classes.

My largest contributions came in leading the operations and business development for the company, creating partnerships with public and private entities to allow us to operate in sites all over the bay. I also ran our "tech" - using lots of duct taped systems to bootstrap the company towards profitability.

Most recently, I've been in charge of user research, UX, and growth/acquisition. This includes running 100's of user interviews to drive the development of all aspects of our product. For acquisition efforts, I set up all of the analytics for each aspect of our funnel and ran fast, lean experiments to improve our conversions - from digital ads and landing page optimizations to drip marketing and product improvements.
Public Recreation + Workout Daily
July 2017 - Present
Responsible for all strategic/operational leadership. This includes developing the business model and business plan that got our company into Y Combinator, building all of HR and financial systems, and raising over $1.5m for our seed funding round. Also includes managing our DevOps, running our product development and user research processes, and most recently, our growth and acquisition activities. I also manage our engineering team, and multiple vendors.