Who am I?

A Founder

An Ultramarathoner

Infinitely curious

An Urbanist

Border Collie Owner

A Prototyper

A Life-Long Learner

An Experimenter


A Glassblower

Welcome to my site. Look around if you'd like to learn more about me.


Here's a collection of some of the projects I've been fortunate enough to be involved with.

Project Lead
Rebar Design Studio
Prototype Engineer
Art, writing, hobbies

My experience

I've spent my career using design and design thinking to solve big problems in novel ways.

I was a part of the team that revolutionized cities all over the world through their invention of the Park(let).

At the Exploratorium, I led the development of projects all over the world that created a massive impact while generating revenue.

As Cofounder of Public Recreation (YC S18) I built a company that activated public spaces while providing radically affordable access to high quality fitness.

Public Recreation
July 2017 — Present
Project Lead
Jan 2011 — July 2017
Rebar Art + Design
Prototype Engineer
Sep 2006 — Jan 2011
Misc Projects
Artist + Designer
Jun 1984 — forever

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